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Richard West Law Office: Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney Board Certified Specialist and Certified Credit Counselor

Welcome to DebtFreeCincinnati.com – Cincinnati’s choice for debt relief options

When you want something done right – you need a specialist. 

If you have serious debt problems, you need to know all your options.  You need a specialist.

Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney Richard West is here to help.  For nearly thirty years, he has helped thousands of families to wipe out debt, keep their property and actually improve their credit.

Rick West helps in ways other attorneys can’t. Here is his message:

I know how you feel.  I understand like no other attorney because I’ve been where you are! It’s true.  It happened to me! I was broke and couldn’t pay my bills,  Drowning in debt, even got sued by attorneys who just wanted money and did not care about me or my family.  They wouldn’t work with me.  I recovered, and I can help you recover too.

A Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney to Help You

You need a step by step plan to wipe out bills, keep your property and improve your credit.

That’s exactly what I will give you.

Because I’m a certified credit counselor and a board certified bankruptcy specialist,  I can tell you what options make sense, compare them all for you and tell you exactly which option makes the most sense for you.

That way you will know, beyond any doubt, that you have the best plan for your needs.  The plan that will get you through the rough times you’ve been having and help you get to a good financial situation.  Many of my clients end up with credit scores higher than they every had in their lives after going through my coaching program.

Get Debt Relief Today – and Credit help tomorrow

I am a seasoned and experienced professional financial recovery counselor. I have the only program (that I know of) that provides a TOTAL FINANCIAL RECOVERY PLAN for you.

We help you find the right program to resolve your debt problems.

We help you clean up and correct errors on your credit report.

We have a coaching program to help you rebuild credit.  Our “Credit Commander” program is designed specifically for our bankruptcy and debt relief clients.  There is nothing like it anywhere.  And, it’s extremely effective.  Just check out our reviews online.  They speak for themselves.

Why Choose Us?

Easy.  We deliver the results you need.  We have an extraordinary client satisfaction rating.  Most of our clients come from word of mouth referrals.  It’s true.  We earn our business the “old fashioned way.”

Pretty extraordinary when you think about it.  Most folks would be reluctant to discuss their personal finances with others.  And many still are.  But an overwhelming number of OUR clients are so excited about their financial recovery that they can’t help but share their success with their friends and families.

Since 1986, we have been rebuilding the economy and strengthening credit in the community one family at a time.

Now, it’s your turn.

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Get started now.  You’ll sleep better tonight.