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How to find the RIGHT Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer for you

You know that you need help and you want the best possible results for your situation and your future. How can you choose which bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati to trust though? This article will take you around 10 minutes to read but the information that you find will give you the answers that you need and save you hours of time, a lot of aggravation, and possibly a lot of money as well.

Find out how to:

  • Psychoanalyze and evaluate different Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer websites in under 5 minutes.
  • Locate Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyers who are the most trusted by clients, and who are hired most often, with the numbers already crunched so you don’t have to.
  • Understand what the Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer is REALLY thinking! It’s like reading their mind just by knowing how to read their website.
  • Download an easy to use Cheat Sheet which will help you make a simple and painless decision.

Best can mean many things to many people. The best possible bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio for one person and situation is not always the best choice for another person or situation. In order to choose the best bankruptcy attorney for you you need to understand the guidelines and standards so that your job is easier and you get the results that you deserve. I am going to share some expert insider tips with you so that you choose the right Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney for you and your specific needs, and in some cases this might not even be me!

I created this article, and the downloadable cheat sheet which is easy to use at the end, so that your job is a lot easier. When you are finished you will have a very clear picture of how various bankruptcy lawyers in Cincinnati compare to each other and measure up.

Next you just need to make some phone calls to your top choices, interview each one, and then make a final decision on the best Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer for you. Your decision will be easier to make because less time will be needed to evaluate and investigate each potential bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio for your situation.

How to find the best bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati from your own living room.

Step 1: Use Google to search for Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyers.

What pops up when you run the Google search?

What you see will depend on your physical location. Google uses the IP address of your computer to determine your physical location and the search engine tries to provide answers which are relevant to where you are.

Make sure that you type in Cincinnati Ohio bankruptcy lawyer in the Google search engine, unless you are trying to find a bankruptcy lawyer in another location like Miamisburg or Cleveland instead, and then you would use this location rather than Cincinnati.

The ads you see at the top of the screen are not important and can be ignored. Instead look at the location results, the Google maps images, to see which bankruptcy lawyers in Cincinnati are close to you. Just remember this! The best Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer is not necessarily the one who happens to be the closest to your physical location.

When it comes to something as important as finding the best bankruptcy lawyer you should consider looking farther than just the ones who are located closest to you. If you are like many people you will only file for bankruptcy once. You should be willing to drive a little longer if necessary to get the best possible attorney for your case and situation. People who are really sick come to the Cleveland Clinic from all around the world in order to get the best treatment available.

cincinnati map

Underneath the map section of your search results you will find listings for bankruptcy lawyers in Cincinnati. You will see Legal Directory listings as well but these can be ignored because they are simply paid ads. Look for listings that represent actual law firms and attorneys.


The internet has thousands and thousands of websites, so you need to know what to ignore and what to pay attention to!

I will save you A LOT of time and frustration by explaining what is important when evaluating various Cincinnati bankruptcy attorneys. I am a debt relief veteran with more than 30 years of experience. I know which Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyers are good, and which ones could be better. Because of this I can help you focus on the important things during your search.

In the end the decision is yours. You can do some things that make it easier for you to locate the best bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati, find the perfect match for your unique needs, and help you avoid choosing the wrong professional for your situation.

The focus of this article is to help you compare different bankruptcy lawyers in Cincinnati, and provide a “checklist” of the different factors and categories, so that you get the best attorney for you. The best choice in your case may not be the best choice for someone else, and vice versa.

Comparing Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyers

Below you will find charts that outline the number of cases which were filed in 2014 through 2017 in the Southern District of Ohio by the Top 5 legal firms in the area.

  • Here is the current list for 2017 (Updated May, 2017)
  • Here are the stats for 2016
  • Here are the stats for 2015
  • Here are the stats for 2014

These case filing numbers directly reflect on how the law firm is viewed in the community, and the number of people who trust each law firm to handle their cases and debt relief issues. These “votes” are the ones that really count because they reflect actual people who have met, interviewed, and then hired the Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney.

This is not the whole story though! Case filing numbers are just one part of the whole story and other pieces are also needed. Remember. The best lawyer for someone else could be the worst choice for your needs. You need to continue digging around and clicking on the web to determine the entire picture.

Look at the recommendation, review, and complaint numbers!

If I need a contractor, if I am looking for a new physician, or if I plan on purchasing anything that costs more than a few bucks I gather as much information as possible before making a final decision. I typically go online and look for reviews about a potential choice. Shouldn’t you use as much care when choosing a bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati? Yes!

If you can get personal referrals from people you know this is great. Often this is not possible when looking for Cincinnati bankruptcy attorneys though. You may be more comfortable with an internet search instead of questioning a friend or family member about personal financial matters or who handled their bankruptcy case.

The next best thing to personal referrals is checking out internet reviews. You want to find actual reviews from actual clients, not just words solely designed to snag new clients created by the bankruptcy lawyer. Google and BBB reviews can be very helpful. You will be able to see what to expect, and find out the experience real clients had with a specific lawyer or law firm. The more reviews an attorney has the more confidence you can have in that legal professional.

It is important to note that a majority of clients never bother to place a review for the bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati that they used!

Taking the time and making the effort to review the attorney normally means that the individual’s experience was either extremely good or very bad.

Because of this fact the number of clients that a Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer serves needs to be considered. Few or no reviews could mean that the lawyer provides standard service, nothing special or outstanding, or that the attorney has few clients since most clients do not leave any review at all.

Here’s a summary of bankruptcy attorney reviews compiled from a Google search of each of the top five bankruptcy attorneys in Southern Ohio.

You can quickly review each bankruptcy attorney’s number of reviews, and the attorney’s website information is also listed. (Note: there is only one with over One Hundred reviews.)

See what a Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer really thinks by checking out their website!

The website of a bankruptcy attorney will reveal their true thoughts and showcase what their practice is really about! You can determine what the lawyer really thinks about their practice, their clients, and even their role in your financial reorganization and debt relief efforts.

A website can reveal the personality of the attorney to you, without meeting with or talking to the lawyer.

Easier than trying to read body language.

Faster and more convenient than traveling to the law firm office.

Even most lawyers do not realize how much their website says about their thoughts and practice.

The website gives you important insight into the personality and perspective of the bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati. This insight can be invaluable.

Take some time to browse through every page of the website. Every single page was approved by the attorney, they did not just show up on the site.

Is it obvious where the site information came from? Can you tell who wrote the content?

Go to the home page and look at the bottom.

Is the site a legal directory site such as Findlaw?

Was it created by a phone company like Hibu?

Is it even possible to tell?

Does the website content provide standard boilerplate or helpful information?

It should be fairly obvious what the real website purpose is if you spend a little time studying it.

Does the Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer try to answer common questions and provide useful information?

Or is the purpose of the site just to drum up new business and attract new clients?

Is there plenty of useful information on the website?

Does the site provide education on your various choices and options for debt relief?

Or is the website for the bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati designed solely for advertising so that you will call them?

Do you get a feel for the lawyer’s personality or is the website full of boilerplate and generic information similar to what you find on many other Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer websites?

You know what I am talking about.

These websites or so much alike that you could substitute one lawyer’s name for another because they all read almost identical.

This factor is critical.

This is the professional that you need to place your trust in.

Your financial situation depends on it.

Even your future!

Once you have spent some time browsing through the website ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer seem real and authentic? Do I get a sense of their true self? Can I even tell?
  • Is this legal professional honest and truthful? Are they a straight shooter who offers me options and explains what is best in my situation or do they only seem interested in getting into my wallet and their own bottom line?
  • Does this attorney seem competent and knowledgeable? A physician who graduated at the very bottom of their class still carries the title doctor, and this is also true with attorneys. Does the lawyer specialize in one area of law or try to cover all legal issues? How many years have they been practicing? What certifications do they have?
  • Does the Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer want to help me find the right customized solution for my specific needs or are they only trying to sell me so I hire them and use their services? In my experience this can be a big issue for most people. Why is this though? Most lawyers do not have training or experience as a certified debt arbitrator or certified credit counselor. This means that the professional can not help you compare other debt relief options, only offering bankruptcy services, because they have not been trained in these areas or certified to provide these options.
  • Is this attorney reliable? What track record do they have? Can you verify their history of success? The years in practice that the Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer has and their past success may not give you the entire picture but it does indicate that they are doing something right.
  • Can the attorney assist me in fixing my financial problems, making it possible for me to continue to support my family? Is this professional the right one for my specific needs? The answer, and the best bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati, will depend on the outcome that you are looking for. If your goal is to find a quick fix at the lowest price possible then choosing the lowest bid and bottom dollar legal help may be the right choice in your case.

Believe it or not one website actually has lawyers place bids for cases. I hate to think about how their clients end up! If you had cancer and needed treatment or you required surgery would you have doctors and specialists bid and then choose the lowest bid? Of course not!

Does the Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer seem friendly?

Does their personality come through?

Most lawyer websites have personality clues.

These clues can usually be found in the videos, personal stories, and about us section of the website.

The owner of the website wants you to learn about them. You want to get an idea of what the attorney you are evaluating thinks, and how they view clients and cases.

It is human nature to be curious.

We want a feel for who we will be dealing with, and get to know them as an individual.

The website provides an opportunity for the Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer to tell their story. This can give you an idea of what kind of a person they are, and help you determine whether they are a good fit for your case, problems, and financial situation.

How much does the Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer reveal on the site?

Does it seem like the bankruptcy lawyer truly understands your situation and what you are experiencing?

Does the website reflect empathy for your situation?

Or does the site use a business as usual and matter of fact approach that seems cut and dried?

You know exactly what I mean.

These websites are all the same.

“This lawyer attended this college, graduated from a certain law school, ad was employed by some law firms before their current position. He is a good lawyer and works hard for his clients. And so on and so on……

These websites all seem identical and they do not offer any useful details that you really need to know. Often a profession is chosen due to a personal situation or circumstance, or because of a family history in that profession.

My personal physician chose his career because he experienced health problems during his childhood. I chose bankruptcy law because I had a serious medical condition that prevented me from working, not because my family practiced law. I had no income, and was flat broke. I was sued by creditors.

I actually understand what you are going through, I really do, because I have been there myself. I explain all of this on my website.

Does it seem like the bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati actually wants to assist you?

This can be one of the most difficult things to determine simply by browsing a website. Reviews can be useful but even these may only provide you with a general feel and basic idea.

I have seen a lot of lawyer websites, and many use general claims and vague statements. “We will fight for you”, “excellent customer service”, etc……

Nothing new. Boring! Not helpful. Next! (click … click … click… )

You have to be able to read between the lines to figure out if the Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer takes a personal interest in ensuring that you get the best outcome possible for your case. This means a thorough analysis of the needs that you have, and the creation of a custom plan designed on your situation and financial details.

If the website does not offer this then odds are you will not find it during the consultation with the bankruptcy lawyer either. Some bankruptcy lawyers in Cincinnati will provide an initial phone consultation to see if you are a good match before setting an office consultation, this just makes sense for both of you. Insist on a free phone consultation before you take time out of your busy schedule for an office appointment.

You need a Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer that will take a personal interest in your situation and debt relief needs. How motivated is the lawyer in helping you achieve the best possible results?

Look for:

  • The best and most informative website.
  • The most experienced attorney.
  • The highest number of cases filed.
  • The best reviews.
  • The most reviews.
  • Certifications
  • Years in practice.

When you put all of this information into the easy to use cheat sheet below you will find the best bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati for you.