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Bankruptcy Help

Bankruptcy Help

I’m here for you.  I’ve been where you are.

Your life used to be “normal.”  Perhaps not great, you weren’t getting rich.

But the bills got paid. And you even had some “extra” money to do things with.

Like go to a movie.  Go out to eat.  a night out with friends.

now its not normal.

there is no “extra” money. in fact, you are barely making it, somehow.

Something happened.  Your life changed.  The finances are a mess.

you’re worried.  afraid.  scared to get the mail.  dont want to answer the phone.

can’t sleep at night.  can’t focus during the day.  money problems do that to you.

you can’t hardly relax and even enjoy a beautiful sunset (which is free) because you are constantly thinking about how to solve the impossible debt problem you have.

you don’t want to think about it. and you sure don’t want to talk to anyone about it,

not even your spouse.

not your family,

not your friends.

you feel alone

You need help. Bankruptcy help.

perhaps you have heard horror stories.

What happens when you get sued?

You’ve never been to court before,

perhaps a traffic ticket is a close as you ever came to that.

Do people really go to jail when they can’t pay their bills?

Will the sheriff show up at your house?  At work?

What if your paycheck is garnished?

should you take all your money, what little there is, out of the bank and put it under your mattres?

you’ve heard of bank accounts being wiped out without warning.

you can’t afford that.

Your head is spinning and you feel out of control.  what are you going to do?

what options do you have?

Where do you get bankruptcy help?

Should you try to avoid bankruptcy?  Get a loan to consolidate some bills?

how will you pay it if you do?  You probably can’t qualify anyway.

What about all those programs you see on tv?  Are they for real?  Could that work?

What if you get caught up in a scam?

That would make a bad situation even worse?

who can you trust to help sort all this out?

help you weigh your options.

bankruptcy attorneys are pretty scary, lawyers in general are pretty scary.

all they are interested in is filing bankruptcy.

what if you could figure this out without bankruptcy,

would the lawyer tell you?

how would you know.

who can you trust.

do the bankruptcy lawyers even know how to solve debt problems without bankruptcy?

do they ever do that?

are they even taught other options in law school?

one that makes so much sense one wonders why everyone doesn’t use it.

it’s just common sense, but uncommon to find (for obvious reasons, perhaps)

debt management programs sell debt management.  period

credit counselors sell their counseling programs, and that’s all

consolidation bankers make consolidation loans, if you qualify.

bankruptcy attorneys sell . . . bankruptcy.

but, if you could only find one counselor, one professional, one person who is interested in helping you find the best option for your needs.  One who is trained, certified and experienced in all the options, and has decades of experience helping thousands of people who have the exact same problem you have.

Wouldn’t that make sense?

That is the common sense way.

when you have a serious problem, you need a specialist.

When you are looking for the right specialist, you look for

  • experience
  • certification and accreditation
  • specialization in the problem you need solved

and, if possible,

one who has actually been through what you are going through.

someone who understand because he had lived it.

really understands

like only someone who has “been there” can.

I understand, because I’ve been there.

Been broke, been sued.

lived on credit cards,

lived through it,


and this is what made me close my general practice law firm, so I could focus on and specialize in helping good people through difficult financial times.

I know that there is no single answer for all problems,

you need to compare all your options

So I went back to school.

Became a certified credit counselor

And a certified debt arbitrator,

and a certified student loan counselor

and I’m one of only eleven Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy attorneys in the State of Ohio.

So you can see, i am really serious about making sure you get the right solution.

I look at all options, not just one.

you and I will compare them all, so you will rest easy knowing 100% for sure, beyond any doubt, that you have the best option for you needs. The best strategy.  The plan that will get you out of debt and end the worry and stress you now suffer with.

Then, I will help you implement the plan.

I provide the help you need. Bankruptcy help, if that’s the right answer.

But that’s really just the beginning.

The debt is only part of the problem.

Your future credit will be trashed unless you have a plan for that, too.

When we say things get better here, this is part of it.

We “treat” the whole problem, not just a symptom.

you need help and guidance to rebuild your credit and improve your credit score.

So, as a certified credit counselor, I have a plan to help you do just that, in an amazingly short time.

My credit rebuild program has no equal that i know of in the entire country.

specifically designed for the needs of my clients, I have taken people with scores in the 400’s and helped them achieve over 700 scores.  (legalease – your results may vary – lawyers have to put these things in, you know).

Creditors can be sneaky.  They often try to report debts you no longer owe on your credit report.  They hope you won’t notice until you get caught off guard and end up being forced to pay because you are trying to get a car loan or find yourself in a situation where you don’t have time to fix the errors.


I have you covered.  I will monitor your credit report for a full year after discharge and dispute all these incorrect credit report entries for you.  So you will have the highest credit score possible.

If this approach makes sense to you, it’s because it IS common sense.

And i have proven that it works for nearly 30 years.

Oddly, no other attorney that I know of does anything like this.

No other attorney or counselor has invested the time and effort required to become a master of all of the different debt relief options.

This is why, and how, things get better here.

If you’re ready to get better, call us today to get started.

You’ll be glad you did.