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You need bankruptcy help, but you really need more.  You may think you just need a debt problem solved, but I know you need more than this. Of course, your first step is finding the right bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati.

I know how you feel.  I was broke and got sued myself.  I REALLY know how you feel.

Perhaps you are being sued, or are afraid you will be soon. Perhaps you are getting calls from debt collectors. Repossession or foreclosure may haunt you. Your credit score is important too, and it may be falling or will soon. You need to do something. But what?

Let’s talk about the bankruptcy help you need.

I’m here to help you with the debts you can’t pay and also help you recover your credit.

Long ago, I learned that debt relief alone was an empty promise. The so called “fresh start” of bankruptcy or any program is only that – a start. More is needed, and that’s where we make all the difference in your financial future. We FINISH what we start for you.

Our clients are successful. They quickly get good credit after controlling their debts with a customized plan we develop for them. We help them to succeed with our unique credit coaching program. Amazingly, our clients are so thrilled with their results, they make videos and proudly tell the world about their achievements here on this website, for all to see. And we have more clients putting their name, their personal stamp of approval, on our Google reviews than any other law firm. Check it out and find out why we say – This is where things get better.


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You know that you need help and you want the best possible results for your situation and your future. How can you choose which bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati to trust though?

Credit Card Debt Options

Is your credit card debt a nightmare that is impossible to pay?

As a bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati I know why you are here. You are probably scared, definitely worried, and know you need to some something about the credit card debt that is crushing you financially.

You know there is a serious problem. What can you do about it though?